FOX AI Community

Making AI for Everyone !!

Who We Are ?

A community focused on empowering students in technology, FOX AI Community was established in 2024 across 4 countries including India, Japan, Singapore and Kenya. FOX AI Community helps students find the answers they need, when they need them. It helps students advance in their careers by conducting tutorials on a range of topics, offering scholarships, and all kinds of events aimed at helping their members become the best at what they do.
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Our Commitments 

Skill Building

Empowering the world to develop technology through collective knowledge.


We provide a continuous stream of opportunities for students to learn about companies and shape their future careers.

Tech summits

At FOX AI Community, we hold many kinds of events where students receive advice from company representatives about industries, startups, college studies, and more.

International Cultural Fest

To conduct international cultural events like Masala Party, Chai Festival

Join For Free

It’s free to join the community and engage at any level. We never charge for access to our private, online community of students.
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Explore FAC’s Resources

Browse educational programs, in-person and virtual events, our talk with developers, interest groups, and job and internship opportunities.

Connect with Like-Minded Students

Move through your education or career supported by mentors and peers. Get support with resume writing, interview prep, and exploring career pathways. We support each other by sharing ideas, insights, and real-world experiences.
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Get Involved

Jump into events, mentorship roles, or other programs at your own pace. Our support doesn’t end when you graduate or at the end of a conference. By getting involved, we can reshape the tech industry’s future to be obtainable for every woman to follow.
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