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Benefits Of Our COURSES

The best instructors have designed the most motivating learning paths for you.

Practical Approach

Our training is designed to provide the skills in a practical approach. Our students' success is our best asset in showing the quality of our training.

Globally Oriented

Strategies shared and knowledge earned allows our students to immediately set up their business and start offering their services around the globe.

For Your Career

Whether you want to boost your career within the company you are working or grow at your own business by applying the latest strategies in digital marketing, this is the way. 





Get Closer To Your Goals

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the explosion of digital platforms and channels? Are you unsure how to best navigate this new environment to engage even more successfully with your colleagues?

Studying with us will help you learn how to create, capture and deliver value in a digital world. You'll leave with smart strategies to optimize your performance and satisfaction both online AND offline.

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Our Students Have
a Few Nice Things To Say About Us

"Through this business training program,, I learned a wide range of things necessary for entrepreneurship. For example, market research, consumer research, business model canvas, UX design etc. This business training program also gave me a chance to talk to HRs and the founders. I want to use what I learned this time in Japan. Ten years later, I will return to Bangalore and start my own  business."

Ms. Rina Ebihara
Musashino University, Tokyo, Japan

"Hi there! I am 3rd year Global Business undergrad from Tokyo and I have spent my time in this business training program. During my training program, I worked surrounded by many intelligent IT-related entrepreneurs and workers. With this, the training program has given me the opportunity to become more knowledgeable with Indian start-up culture, more specifically the IoT industry."

Ms. Marlies Ichikawa
Musashino University, Tokyo, Japan

"First of all, thank you very much viji. This opportunity was much better than my expectation. I totally did not expect that I can get opportunities to interact with different industries businessmen. You told us that “ You may start any type of  business, but you have to know about the technology” multiple times. This phrase actually made me curious about technology."

MR. Wataru DOKI
Kindai University, Higashi-osaka, Japan
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